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All Officers of the High Court Work under the supervision of Hon’ble the Chief Justice and attend the work assigned to them by Hon’ble the Chief Justice. The Principal Officers of the High Court are as under: -

Registrar General (Shri Rakesh Sagar Jain) – Registrar General is a Senior Judicial Officer of District & Sessions Judge rank. He deals with the matters pertaining to the Gazetted Officers of District Subordinate Judiciary and High Court. He  also deals with the matters pertaining to High Court staff. He is overall incharge of the High Court Registry. He also deals with all the matters pertaining to Hon’ble Judges of the High Court.

Principal Secretary to Hon’ble the Chief Justice (Shri Jawad Ahmad )  – Principal Secretary is also of a District and Sessions rank. He attends matters pertaining to employees of Subordinate Judiciary such as transfers, promotions, leave etc. Also is ex-officio Secretary of Public Interest Litigation Cell.  He also attends all other matters assigned by the Lord Chief Justice.

Registrar Vigilance and Rules (Shri Sanjay Dhar )  – Registrar Vigilance is also of District and Sessions Judge rank. He deals with all the complaints received in the High Court against the High Court Staff as well as District Judiciary. He also deals with statistics section of the registry. He has an additional Charge as Registrar Rules and is also coordinator for Mediation Monitoring Committee High Court. 

Registrars Judicial (Shri Virinder Singh Bahu,  Jammu  & Shri Mohammad Yousuf Wani, Srinagar ) – There are two Registrars Judicial, one at  Jammu  and one at Srinagar Wing of the High Court. They are also of District and Sessions Judge rank and looks after day to day administration of their wings besides listing of cases before the Court. They also exercise powers on the Judicial side as provided under the High Court Rules.

Central Project Coordinator ( Shri Shabir Ahmad Malik )  – Central Project Coordinator (CPC) has been entrusted Job of Management of Computerisation in Courts of the State.

Joint Registrars Judicial (Shri Ajay Kumar Gupta, Jammu  & Shri Farooq Ahmad Bhat,  Srinagar ) – There are two Joint Registrars (Judicial), one at Jammu Wing and one at Srinagar Wing. They are Judicial Officers of the rank of Sub-Judge.  They are Incharge of Protocol of High Court of J&K, Jammu Wing and Srinagar Wing respectively. They also assist Registrars Judicial in discharging of their official function in their respective wings.

Joint Registrars (Admn.) -  There are presently five Joint Registrars (Admn.), one in Jammun Wing, two each in Main Wing and Srinagar wing. They are S/ Shri  Mohd. Lateef Beigh, Durga Dass Sharma, Mohammad Yasin Beig, Azad Ahmad Wani, Ghulam Mohammad Parray. 

Chief Accounts Officer  -



1. Shri Rakesh Sagar Jain

Registrar General

2. Shri Jawad Ahmad

Principal Secretary to Hon’ble the Chief Justice

3. Shri Sanjay Dhar

Registrar Vigilance and Rules

4. Shri. Shabir Ahmad Malik

Sub Judge (Central Project Coordinator, e-Courts )


1. Shri Virinder Singh Bahu

Registrar Judicial

2. Shri Ajay Kumar Gupta

Joint Registrar (Judicial) Protocol


1.  Ms. Rupali Ratta

Sub Judge ( Leave Reserve )

2. Shri. Ashwani Kumar Sharma

Sub Judge (Leave Reserve) Attached with Director,  J&K   State  Judicial Academy

3. Sh. Vinod Kumar Sub Judge (Leave Reserve) Attached in the High Court of J&K, Jammu wing

4. Ms. Sudesh Sharma

Sub Judge (Leave Reserve)

5. Arti Devi Munsiff (Leave Reserve


1. Shri Mohammad Yousuf Wani

Registrar Judicial

2. Shri  Farooq Ahmad Bhat

Joint Registrar (Judicial)


1.Sh. Abdul Majid Dar Sub Judge, Leave Reserve
2. Ms Fariqa Nazir Munsiff (Leave Reserve


1. Sh.Mahmud Anwar Alnasir Sub Judge